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Don't Get Lost in the Hype: A Clear Look at What Conversational AI Can (and Can't) Do for You

What AI voice can do:

  • Read text aloud efficiently and consistently: AI can flawlessly convert written text into speech, sounding natural and performing 24/7 without breaks.

  • Handle routine inquiries: For frequently asked questions or simple requests, AI can provide quick and accurate information.

  • Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness: Automating responses to basic questions frees up human agents and reduces overall customer service costs.

What AI voice cannot do:
  • Understand emotions and respond with empathy: AI can struggle to pick up on the nuances of human tone and respond with appropriate compassion or understanding.

  • Offer personalized solutions: AI responses tend to be more generic, lacking the ability to adapt to unique customer situations.

  • Navigate through problems: AI generally struggles with complicated inquiries needing critical thinking or creative problem-solving but a space model governing dialogue is in our product development roadmap.


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