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  • What does Vox mean?
    The product generates speech, collects information and powers up applications to make fuller sense of what users are asking for. The VOX in our company name represents a voice-operated exchange.
  • Why is Voice AI so relevant today?
    Rising costs, less time and greater access to information grows demand for AI to augment skills and capacity in this area. AI's inclusive rate for all associated costs including salary, management costs, report production and technology. Scale is another with our voice AI able to produce the outcomes in hours that would normally take a human agent a several years to get to.
  • How do you help with growing our employee productivity?
    Implementing conversational AI reduces costs through automation by at least thirty percent. Automating specific areas of service, tech support, and first-time inquiries reduces human agent loads and drives engagement. Conversational AI also cuts onboarding and training costs for new agents by half.
  • How do you help with growing customer satisfaction?
    Voice AI systems mean much faster query resolution, with average response times cut by a half. Voice AI typically drives a ten percent growth in NPS or Net Promoter Scores. Instant responses, better customer satisfaction, around-the-clock service, and fewer lost opportunities are top customer benefits.
  • What customer support do you offer?
    Our greatest measure of success is how well clients derive fuller benefits from using our system. For this to happen as well as ensuring systems work effectively we also work with clients to ensure a system doesn't sound robotic and is geared to being in natural human-like terms with the right questions get the right answers at the right time and language models don't get lost in translation. We work directly with larger customers to tailor according to domain and company nuances as well as ensuring smoother and least cost token usage, and logic-based API triggerring. Smaller clients can rely on our licensed technology partners.
  • What can your AI voice product do?
    People have become used to getting what they want when they want it and conditioned us to expect immediate responses. Different voice styles, and several customization options including omnichannel support help respond to this new landscape of instant gratification. AI development has accelerated to understand voice, text, and images, translate into multiple languages, and become that much more human.
  • What languages does your AI voice product support?
    English at this stage but solid plans to incorporate other languages
  • What audio formats does your AI voice product generate?
    mp3, wav, etc
  • Do you offer a multi-point system or an all-in-one system
    A debate centers on integration complexity, ease of upgrades, and standards. All-in-one offers easier integration and management and if efficacy and efficiency are appropriate for the use case - we'd be inclined to say an all-in-one works better and offers richer functionality. Research on call centers shows the total annual cost per agent is double that of an all-in-one. Ours is an all-in-one solution with some integrated add-ons from best in class vendors.
  • What types of integrations does your AI voice product offer?
    More than 5,000 integrations making use of webhooks, APIs, and plugins
  • What are the system requirements for using your AI voice product?
    Operating system, hardware
  • Can I use my own voice to train the AI?
    One criticism of senior management is a seeming disconnection from the wider workforce. Our product can make calls in the voice of a leader helping build an all-important communications bridge
  • What are your pricing plans?
    We make things simple with an all inclusive cost per call of 11 cents per minute
  • Where do you agent's draw knowledge from
    Domain specific generative AI systems including GPT as well simple to import and autoextraction of questions and awnsers from office applications like Microsoft Word and Google Sheets
  • What happens if a call is put through to voicemail?
    Avoids leaving a message unless that's what you want and redials with machine learning plugins able to figure out the best times to call
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